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Arie de Jonge abj op solcon.nl
Zo Dec 9 15:32:46 CET 2007

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Julien Michielsen schreef:
> Kreeg dit bericht binnen, en dacht dat er hier wel wat lieden rond lopen 
> met interesse voor open formats.
> Als dat zo is, lees dan verder!

heb ik al gehad, en kontakt opgenomen met nen. die waren duidelijk niet
blij met deze actie ( en terecht )

deze club had beter zelf kontakt op kunnen nemen met nen, was een stuk
professioneler overgekomen dan dit
nen wordt / werd overspoeld met telefoontjes en e-mails

> -------- Originele bericht --------
> Onderwerp: <NO>OOXML: Your action is required: Contact NEN now!
> Datum: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 19:47:35 +0100
> Van: Benjamin Henrion <bhenrion op ffii.org>
> Aan: julien op michkloo.xs4all.nl
> Dear julien michielsen,
> You signed the <NO>OOXML petition, a movement backed now by more than
> 70.000 supporters worldwide. Our effort to influence the OOXML (Office
> Open XML) standardization process has been an astonishing success so
> far. We aim for at least 100.000 signatures in February when the Geneva
> Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) will convene with the aim to resolve
> comments.
> Microsoft is trying by all means to get its "standard" adopted without
> substantial changes despite of its thousands of officially reported
> technical flaws and the pre-existence of ISO 26300:2006 (OpenDocument,
> ODF) as the most appropriate international standard for the
> representation of office documents.
> By next Tuesday Dec 11 2007 delegates from your National Standards Body
> NEN who will participate in the BRM have to be announced to
> ISO. At least Portugal and Ireland will be represented by Microsoft. In
> many other countries, we know that Microsoft gold partners are proposing
> themselves as heads of national delegations. Many of them will prevail
> if we do not take action.
> Will you let Microsoft represent your country at Geneva and decide the
> future of OOXML?
> You can make a difference and call now NEN at +31-152690390 and help
> us to find out:
>    a. Who will represent NEN on DIS 29500 at the Ballot
>       Resolution Meeting in Geneva?
>    b. When will the decision on delegates be made and if NEN is
>       aware of the Dec 11 deadline?
>    c. Does your national delegates for the BRM are independent enough
>       from Microsoft?
>    d. Does the responsible Committee of NEN for DIS 29500 work
>       on resolution proposals for all the 3500 comments tabled or - if at
>       all - only for the national comments that they submitted?
> Please report your findings by replying to this email, we will update
> this page with the members of each national delegation:
> http://www.noooxml.org/brm
> More things that you can do to help our effort against this broken
> standard proposal:
>    1. Join our mailing list and get in touch with many other
>       activists:
>       http://lists.ffii.org/mailman/listinfo/noooxml-club
>    2. Become a member of FFII, the worldwide association leading the
>       <NO>OOXML campaign:
>       http://action.ffii.org/member_application
>    3. Become a member of DIGISTAN, the organization for the promotion
>       of true digital open standards worldwide; please indicate your
>       interests to: members op digistan.org
>    4. Blog about OOXML which shapes the public debate; blogging has been
>       instrumental to our success in Sweden for example;
>    5. support our campaign work with financial means:
>       http://www.noooxml.org/donations
> Best regards,
> --
> Benjamin Henrion <bhenrion op ffii.org>
> <NO>OOXML Campaign leader

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