[linux] Re: Traceroute result

joop gerritse jjge op xs4all.nl
Ma Mrt 26 11:50:27 CEST 2007

On Monday 26 March 2007 11:38, Rob Sterenborg wrote:
> Hoi.
> Kan iemand me vertellen wat de "C" achter de "!" wil zeggen? Dat kan ik
> zo 1-2-3 niet terug vinden.

Uit man traceroute:

 Traceroute prints a "!" after the time if the ttl is  <=  1.   Since  vendors
       ship a lot of obsolete (DEC's Ultrix, Sun 3.x) or non-standard (HPUX) 
software, expect to see this prob-
       lem frequently and/or take care picking the target host of your probes.

       Other possible annotations after the time are !H, !N, or !P (host, 
network or protocol unreachable), !A,
       !C  (access  to  the  network or host, respectively, is prohibited), !S 
(source route failed), !F-<pmtu>
       (fragmentation needed - the RFC1191 Path MTU Discovery value is 
displayed), !X  (communication  adminis-
       tratively prohibited), !V (host precedence violation), !C (precedence 
cutoff in effect), or !<num> (ICMP
       unreachable code <num>).  These are defined by RFC1812 (which 
supersedes RFC1716).  If  almost  all  the
       probes result in some kind of unreachable, traceroute will give up and 

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