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Subject: (UPDATED) Issue #159747 ([INFO] Notification)[Acision]

Update to issue 159747 by jbasse
Action: UPDATE: Security Alert on Linux 2.6.17+ kernel

Updated packages are now available on Red Hat Network which correct this
vulnerability and block the exploit.


Thank you for your patience. Any questions of comments, direct them to
secalert op redhat.com as normal.


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Posted 02-11-2008 09:01am by jbasse
Notification: Security Alert on Linux 2.6.17+ kernel

On Saturday a public exploit was released that can allow a local
unprivileged user to gain root on Linux 2.6.17+ kernels. The
vulnerability being exploited is not yet fixed upstream, but patches are
being worked on.

The vulnerability affects Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, where the exploit
works without modification at least on x86 architectures. It is not
blocked by our security technologies (such as SELinux), and there is no
easy way to mitigate this issue without applying our future kernel

You can find out more details at: 

The Red Hat Security Response Team is aware of this issue which affects
only Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. We are working on updated packages to
correct this issue and will release them once they have been completed
and tested.

Any questions of comments, direct them to secalert op redhat.com as normal.

Best Regards,

Posted 01-25-2008 04:24am by jbasse
Notification: Red Hat Directory Server 8.0 

Red Hat is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Red Hat
Directory Server 8.0. This release is built from the open source Fedora
Directory project, which is one of the foundational components for the
Red Hat sponsored Identity, Policy, and Audit project FreeIPA. New
features include enhanced platform support, security, and protocol

-->Read the Red Hat Directory Server 8.0 announcement.

-->Learn more about the Fedora Directory project.

-->Learn more about FreeIPA.

-->Log on to RHN to download now.

-->Read the official release.

-->Get documentation including release notes and installation guides.

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