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On Tue, 30 May 2006, Julien Michielsen wrote:

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> Subject: [linux] (OT) geldverspilling....
> Sorry, dit is OT en on-linux maar ik hoop dat jullie ook willen dat de één 
> miljoen handtekeningen hiervoor gehaald wordt. Vandaar ..
> Julien Michielsen
> ----------  Doorgestuurd bericht  ----------
> L.S,
> Zoals de meesten bekend bestaat binnen het Europees parlement een ingeburgerd
>  gebruik als gevolg waarvan één maal per maand het volledige Europese
>  parlement met alle medewerkers en een bijna complete kantoorinventaris voor
>  enkele dagen verhuist van Brussel naar Straatsburg. De enige reden
>  hierachter is dat Frankrijk dit zo graag wil. 99% van de rekening - op

Hello Julien,

Don't mess with the French. They are the only reason that our Eurpean 
Union today has provided benefits instead of far worse New World Order 
scenario's. Please remember that The French voted against Software 
Patents in Strassbourg. Also take notice that The French voted againts 
the current drafted EU Constitution, because it would allow for a 
Totalitarian Militairy Regime directed by the EU Council out of 
Brussels. Also remember that the European Commission has shown rather 
weird practices during the Software Patents Directive proposal hearings 


What EU member states should worry the most is that if the current 
draft proposal for the EU constitution is accepted and ratified, the 
below organisation will become a very dangerous global power seeking 
apparatus :



  "From 1951-1967 it was situated in France, at Rocquencourt, west of 
   Paris. Following the withdrawal of France from NATO's military 
   command, it was relocated to Mons in Belgium.

   One of the most significant events in the history of Allied Command 
   Europe (ACE) was Frances withdrawal from NATOs integrated military 
   structure. This move forced SHAPE and several other ACE 
   headquarters to leave French territory. The divisiveness between 
   France and NATOs military structure had been brewing for a number 
   of years, as successive French governments had become increasingly 
   incensed with what they perceived to be Anglo-American domination 
   of the command structure and insufficient French influence 
   throughout the command.

   In December 1965, French President Charles de Gaulle had just been 
   elected for the second time and France had acquired its own nuclear 
   capability. De Gaulle's efforts to establish a 
   Franco-BritishAmerican Security Directorate and gain some French 
   influence over US nuclear weapons based in France had failed, and 
   he hoped to gain a more independent role for France in order to 
   maximise its future global influence and status.

   President de Gaulle also disagreed with the United States intention 
   to replace the strategy of the so-called Massive Retaliation with 
   Flexible Response because he believed that this meant a weakening 
   of the US commitment to defend Europe with nuclear weapons.

   As he became increasingly critical of the developments in NATO, de 
   Gaulle described the military integration practised at SHAPE and 
   its subordinate headquarters as obsolete and said that it was 
   designed to ensure French subordination to US policy.

   In February 1966 President de Gaulle stated that the changed world 
   order had "stripped NATO of its justification" for military 
   integration and that France was therefore justified in re-asserting 
   her sovereignty over French territory.

   Consequently, all allied forces within Frances borders would have 
   to come under French control by April 1969. Soon afterward, France 
   stated that it was withdrawing from the headquarters of Allied 
   Command Europe and that SHAPE and its subordinate headquarters 
   Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT) must leave French territory 
   by April 1967.

   The allies were unsuccessful in their efforts to persuade the 
   French government to reconsider, and France then withdrew the vast 
   majority of its military personnel from NATO military headquarters 
   in July 1966."


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