[linux] Apple firmware vernietigd 3rd party SATA disks

Robert M. Stockmann stock op stokkie.net
Za Jun 27 18:22:32 CEST 2009


Er is blijkbaar niets veranderd na al die jaren :

   "Apple MacBook Pro firmware fritzes third-party HDDs

    Fast Sata drives fail post patch
    By Chris Mellor  Get more from this author

    26th June 2009 09:30 GMT

    Apple's firmware upgrade, which restores the 3Gb/s Sata link 
    speed to MacBook Pros, has also caused some 'unauthorised' hard 
    drives to fail.

    An Apple Discussion board thread has 65 comments about the 
    issue, which may occur when the Apple-shipped drive in the 
    MacBook Pro is replaced with a third-party drive and the fast 
    Sata firmware upgrade is applied.

    One poster, Ian Burrell, first noticed the issue with a WD 
    Scorpio Blue drive. His MacBook Pro froze randomly and he 
    suggested that there were intermittent data errors. 
    Unfortunately, there seemed to be no way to revert to the 
    previous firmware and so recover from the problem.

    A poster called Whaleface, with a WD SCorpio Black, wrote: "No 
    disk access can happen at all for 20-30 seconds, then usage 
    spikes, then no disk access at all."

    Another poster found his Intel X25-M solid-state drive worked 
    before the update but not afterwards. Andrew Myers wrote: "I 
    would like to add that I'm experiencing the same thing as the 
    above users. I am using the Intel x25-M. This is terrible, the 
    laptop is near-unusable."

    Some users report their Sata II drives work fine after the 
    update. Others say they are having problems with stock Apple 
    drives. One poster reverted to a 1.5Gb/s Sata drive and the 
    problem went away.

    Apple Store contacts are variously reported as saying that the 
    company warrants its software - and firmware - to work with 
    Apple-shipped drives, which happen to be 1.5Gb/s Sata units in 
    the MacBook Pro, but not with uncertified and retro-fitted 
    drives, such as many of those listed above.

    Poster jlamarp wrote that Apple Technical Support told him: 
    "Apple is not responsible for maintaining compatibility with 
    third-party aftermarket hardware with their firmware updates."

    Indeed, the blurb accompanying the recent Firmware 1.7 release 
    says: "While this update allows drives to use transfer rates 
    greater than 1.5Gb/s, Apple has not qualified or offered these 
    drives for Mac notebooks and their use is unsupported."

    Apparently, Apple "Geniuses" at Apple retail stores may be able 
    to roll back the firmware upgrade if there was a problem during 
    the upgrade itself, but not otherwise. Apple was not immediately 
    able to comment directly on the issue. ®"

Het herinnert me er wel aan waarom ik toen zo'n "lelijke PeeCee" 
had aangeschaft.


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